About Us

Leading Innovation in Air Circulation


Our Journey

Founded in 2016, Aeroway Inc. stands as a testament to American ingenuity and a beacon of quality in the distribution of air circulation products. Our exclusive partnership with Taiwan's elite manufacturers has allowed us to bring state-of-the-art ceiling fans to the U.S. market, setting new benchmarks in both design and functionality.

Our Products

Each ceiling fan in our catalog is a masterpiece of engineering, recognized for its outstanding quality and durability. Our commitment to innovation is evidenced by the numerous accolades our products have garnered, including prestigious iF, G mark, and Golden Pin Design Awards. From stylish, modern designs that embody the latest trends to eco-friendly operations that ensure a minimal carbon footprint, our fans are crafted to be more than just appliances; they are statement pieces that enhance any space.

Our Expansion

The introduction of ceiling tile fans to the U.S. market has been a game-changer, a specialty we proudly introduced and have seen flourish since 2011. These fans, designed for drop ceilings, operate with a whisper-quiet elegance and are as eco-friendly as they are efficient.

Our Commitment

Safety is paramount at Aeroway Inc., with each product rigorously engineered to meet strict UL safety standards. We refuse to cut corners, dedicating ourselves to delivering only the safest and highest quality products to our customers.

Our Promise

Our goal is to provide not just products, but solutions that enrich our customers' lives. At Aeroway Inc., we promise exceptional customer service and unwavering support for commercial, contractor, and residential clients, ensuring satisfaction long after a sale is completed.

Experience the Aeroway - where quality meets innovation and customer service never ends.